Being a member of the TCTC is a fun, affordable way to connect with people who share your love of running and being involved in the active community. An annual membership is only $15! The enrollment period for annual membership is based on the calendar year and opens each November 1st and runs through each October 31st.

First time joining the club? Start here! Renewing your 2018 or previous membership for 2019? Look it up here!

See more FAQ’s at the bottom of the page.


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As a member, you receive:

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Traverse City Track Club unisex-sized t-shirt (available at Running Fit)

  • Option for early entry to current membership year Bayshore events

  • Complimentary entry to the current year Summer Series -10 Events

  • Weekly Fun Runs and Walks

  • Complimentary entry to the Jingle Bell Run in December

  • Complimentary entry to the Frozen Foot Race in January

  • Eligible to participate in the current year Grand Prix Race Circuit

  • Special discounts on TCTC apparel available through Alfie Embroidery

  • Membership in the Road Runners Club of America - Includes four issues of the RRCA publication Club Running

  • The right to vote on or hold future TCTC board positions

  • Eligible to apply for the TCTC Racing Team


TCTC Members at the Big Little Hero Run

TCTC Members at the Big Little Hero Run

Another club favorite, The Fishtown 5K

Another club favorite, The Fishtown 5K

Membership FAQ

Where do I get my shirt?

Shirts are available at the Summer Series events and at both Traverse City Running Fit locations

Can you mail me my club shirt?

Not at this time. However you can order any product from Alfie and get it shipped for $10

I can't remember if I renewed this year.

You can check the membership list here.

When can i sign up or renew for 2019 membership?

Now! Enrollment for 2019 started on November 1st, 2018. Your membership will be valid from Jan 1st, 2019 - December 31st, 2019 (The calendar year).

When is the last date that i can sign up for the 2019 membership?

Enrollment for the 2019 membership ends on October 31st, 2019.

I signed up on Nov 3rd, 2018 for the 2019 membership. DO I get a free entry to the 2018 Jingle Bell Run?

No, but you will get complimentary entry to the 2019 Frozen Foot Race and 2019 Jingle Bell Run.