Our Directors

The TC Track Club board is comprised of men and women from the community, all sharing a common love for running. The board meets quarterly with additional meetings as needed. Each board member has a unique role. In addition to the executive board, At-Large Directors oversee club membership, equipment management, Director of Bayshore Marathon of Races, newsletters, the Summer Series, and marketing. Each board member serves a two year term.

The TC Track Club also has a Charitable Gifts Committee. Members of this committee come from a variety of backgrounds. A minimum of two board members serve with five additional members of the community. This committee works with the Community Foundation reviewing grant and scholarship applications and making recommendations to the board for charitable giving.


Lisa Taylor

Executive Director

My history with the TCTC goes back to 1989, when the organization became a vital part of our running and social life when we moved to Traverse City to live, work and play. My involvement as a runner, participant and volunteer since then has included the creation of many TCTC programs that are still in place today, and I am deeply interested in seeing the organization reach its fullest potential in the year’s ahead.

I look forward to this new era for the club as the first ever Executive Director and hope to influence continued success and growth for the organization in the years ahead. This position with the club I love has allowed me, our board of directors, and members to actively contribute to this great active running and walking community in which we live


Jim Graham


Traverse City Track Club values long-distance running and walking as part of a healthy lifestyle.  In addition, TCTC is an organization that stresses inclusiveness in its membership while promoting fellowship. It is also a major charitable organization in the five-county service area that it services. These values strongly align with my personal beliefs. Overall, I feel a sense of pride to represent such a valuable organization and its membership.

As a board member, I am able to share my organizational skills in governance developed in my career as an educator. My history of involvement in running and running clubs taught me a lot about how to successfully promote running and walking. Last but not least, I enjoy the company of runners and walkers.


Janice Beyer


I joined the TCTC Board because I believe in our mission. I like that we give back so much money in grants and scholarships to our community. I have been a member of the Track Club for many years, and “found” the club through participation in the Summer Series.  The recent growth in membership and the numbers that turn up for the Fun Runs each Wednesday is very exciting. In this past year, I served on the Executive Search Committee that led to the hiring of our first Executive Director. I am supportive of the efforts to grow the club even more by offering training programs. When I am not running, I am a portfolio manager in the Wealth Management area of Chemical Bank.  In addition to my board position with the Track Club, I am the president of the Zonta Club of Traverse City and a member of the Economic Club.


Jeff Houser


As a TCTC board member, I wanted to give back to an organization that has been so amazing to me personally. I participate in many TCTC events such as Fun Runs and TCTC races so I’m able to consistently engage with membership to better determine what is important to them.

Having an active lifestyle is one of the most important things to the way I live my life, and I have fun doing it. Helping the club promote an active lifestyle benefits society in terms of health, self-esteem, and supports a great social environment for members of the running/walking community. I love the social media community that surrounds runners and I’ve been lucky to help with posting social media events to help further promote TCTC event growth. I’m lucky enough to have professional connections with many organizations in Traverse City which allows me to network and help further push ahead the TCTC running/walking initiatives that are important to us.


Mike Borden


Over the years, I have volunteered for organizations and events to help others and continue to make our community a wonderful place to live. I love running and serving on the board is a way to assist in strengthening the club and community. I value an active lifestyle and fully support the encouragement of all forms of walking and running for people of all ages and abilities. I bring to the board all of the experience I have gained from serving on nonprofit boards together with new, unique and diverse ideas and viewpoints, and my love of community and enthusiasm for living and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Marc Schollett, Director-At-Large

I became interested in joining the TCTC board after realizing the impact the track club has far beyond the running community. The Traverse City Track Club is powerhouse when it comes to not only promoting running, but perhaps even more so, philanthropy. The values of the club embrace inclusion. Whatever a runner’s goals are, they are welcomed by the club and can find many members who share their outlook. Running has been a life changing journey for me. Through 25 years of running, I have literally been every kind of runner you can imagine from the last guy to cross the finish line to a Boston qualifier. Having that perspective allows me to see our events and programs from several different perspectives. 


Eric Houghton, Director-at-large

I believe my experiences as a runner, coach, event manager, event volunteer and member of the business community have shaped me in a way that I can help the TCTC board. Being a part of the TCTC board allows me to help promote both running and community. I value health and fitness in my personal life and enjoy trying to bring those values to as many people as possible in our community and help to spread the word about the great work that we are doing. I have seen running events from every aspect; participant, coach, coordinator and volunteer so this is experience I can share. As someone who has been in sales and management positions professionally, I have worked with many leaders and those chances have helped shaped me in a way that allows me to help provide insight and guidance for the growth of the club.



David Ford, director-at-large

I have been active as a runner and a community volunteer for most of my professional life and I felt helping the club as a board member during a new exciting phase was a perfect and logical fit for me. Including my own participation as a runner in TCTC programs since the 80’s, I am an active athlete with a heart for the dedication of both the elite and the just-off-the-couch runner seeking encouragement and improvement. This club delivers high quality programs and events and is an unsung hero in our community, by financially assisting deserving teams and programs that align with our mission with equipment, scholarships, facility improvements, and more. My career as a managing partner of a business has prepared me for a life of service and board service.


Michelle Witkop, director-at-large

I have been involved with the TCTC since the mid-1980s when my husband Henry began running. We have actively worked on many club projects, including creating events like the Remembrance Run, race directing, overseeing aid stations, and chairing committees.  I became involved as board member to help with the internal workings – to develop policy/procedure and to bring on an Executive Director. I know under this model we will continue to see incredible growth and development in programming. I believe strongly in our mission statement and in giving back to the running community through the TCTC’s philanthropy. I have a strong historical perspective of the club having been an active member for 30 years.  While very organized and able to help develop policy and procedures, I also tend to be a global visionary thinker with the ability to pay attention to details and help plan for continued forward momentum for the club.


Christo Miner, Director-at-large

I got interested in TCTC from a marketing standpoint and wanted to help spread the word of the wealth of benefits that TCTC provides. My values align with the club and its focus to Improve our community, and coaching/encouraging others. I also love to run, especially trail running and ultras, which are both my passions. Strengths I bring to my role on the board include that I am a fully engaged team player, plus I love organizing the trail runs and participating in the weekly fun runs. I have an eye for marketing and am always looking for ways to improve the TCTC image and acting as a liaison between board and the common runner.


Kristen Verrett, Director-at-large

My interest in being on the board came a few years back when I realized how much running had changed my life in such positive ways, and I felt like it was my time to pay the sport back. I had been going to the Summer Series and got more involved by helping to start the Wednesday night fun runs, and I am proud of the many amazing people I have helped recruit as members of our club’s racing team roster. My values align perfectly with those of TCTC because I live an active lifestyle along with my family who is all very active with area races where we enjoy great friendships, as can play a role to support and encourage runners of all abilities. Along with a positive attitude, my appreciation of the board’s mission to help the community with programs events, and charitable gifts, plus my loyalty to the club are my greatest strengths as a board member.


Chris Stark, Director-at-large

I became interested in joining the board so that I could help give back to an organization that has given so much to me and my family and my wife and I have been race directors. My goal is to help the club grow, while continuing to uphold the mission that has guided it to success through the years. I believe in promoting living a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and that running can help with socialization and other important aspects of our lives. Being a runner has helped me improve my life in so many ways, as well as pass it along to others, including my own children. I am a very active runner in the local community, which gives me a strong connection to what our members want. I also have a background with my career in the areas of management, budgeting, risk assessment, governance and marketing.


Kayla Six, Director-at-large

Bio coming soon!


Kelly Slater, Director-at-large

Bio coming soon!