The Traverse City Track Club's Grand Prix Series is for everyone, regardless of speed. With nearly 60 races in the series, the Grand Prix is a great way to tour our five-county region, meet new running friends and help represent the TCTC.

Started in 2015, the Grand Prix Series gathers and supports the area’s many established and soon-to-be established races, often providing both technical support and general encouragement to race directors working hard to put on a high quality event for our area’s many runners.

Grand Prix events all have in common all of the following vital event features: measured and marked courses, actual race distance that matches the advertised race distance, professional timing, and age-group awards. Grand Prix events range from the 7000 participant TCTC Bayshore races, to the 100 participant Kingsley Heritage Day 5K, and everything in between.

You must be a current member of TCTC club to participate in the Grand Prix.


  • Participant must be a 2019 TCTC Member – The Grand Prix is free to join.

  • It is the sole responsibility of the participant to report points earned. Race points must be reported to the coordinator by the participant no later than 30 days after the run. Please, no exceptions. This helps with keeping an accurate, up-to-date score.

  • Standings will be available at the top of this page. This will be updated every few weeks. Include name of race(s) when reporting earned points.

  • All entries must be submitted by December 15th of the current year. No exceptions.

  • Participant can only claim a maximum of 13 points per race date (Example: John does a 5k at 8am on July 4th and gets 11 points, then does a different 5k at 11am at a different venue on July 4th and gets 13 points. John can only submit the race for 13 points, not both). You can however submit points for multiple races on any given day. See below for points explanation.


10 points per 2019 TCTC Grand Prix Race. Points can be earned only in races that are designated 2019 TCTC Grand Prix Races with the exception that a participant can count one non-circuit race of 26.2 miles or more in addition to the designated 2019 TCTC Grand Prix Circuit races. The 2019 Circuit is currently being finalized.

Additional points – added to the 10 earned.

First Place = 3 points (overall or in age group but not both)
Second Place = 2 points (overall or in age group but not both)
Third Place = 1 point (overall or in age group but not both)
In a race that awards more than top three (example 4th or 5th place) = 1 point. (overall or in age group but not both)

(Note - place refers to “published” result. If you won your age group, but were promoted to 3rd overall, you would receive 11 points total).

Example: John gets 1st in his 70-74 age group, he gets a total of 13 points for that race.

Awards to first 10 overall male and female Grand Prix winners on the basis of points

Anyone who scores a minimum of 100 points earns a "2019 TCTC Grand Prix Century Award"


2019 Grand Prix Races (Subject To Change!)