Race Directors

Offering TCTC Club Discounts

If you are a race using RunSignUp as your registration platform you can automatically give your discount to current TCTC members! Just type "Club" on the menu search box and the Club Membership Discount menu item will appear. Here you can select the appropriate dates, discount amount, and events that it is applicable to. Just make sure you search for Traverse City Track Club as the club. For more information on club discounts, you can go to the following link: RunSignUp Club Discount Help Page

Notes: We suggest not using any of the advance features of the club discount feature. Also, if you have additional coupon codes out there, make sure you remove the checkbox for Club Discounts on that coupon (under the "Coupon Applies to") if you do not want members getting both their discount AND a coupon code discount.  Here is a picture of an example discount on RunSignUp:


You can always create a general coupon in RunSignUp or any other registration platform you are using. We suggest not using something too generic like "tctc" or "tctc2019"

If you would like us to share your discount with our members, please provide the information below!

Date of Race
Date of Race
If there is an expiration date, limited to certain events, etc. Please put that information here.
How would you like us to share your discount?
(Check All That Apply) *The TCTC does not guarantee all methods will be used.