2018 Election

The voting will be open from December 10th - 13th. Your participation in the election is important for the Club. Voting will be open to 2018 TCTC members ages 18 and older (article 2.02 in bylaws). We hope that you review the profiles below and take time to vote.


President (1 Position)


JIm Graham (I)

I would like to serve a third term as TCTC Board President to continue the new initiatives over the next two years. One of my goals is to assist in TCTC’s transition to a full-time Executive Director

  • I graduated from Wyandotte (Mich) St. Patrick’s High School and earned All-State Honors in the 1967 Class D Two Mile Run finishing 2nd overall. 

  • I am a retired Community College Professor and Dean.

  • Burlington Northern Award 1992 for outstanding teaching. - $1,000.00

  • CSC Alumni Association Outstanding Teacher – 1981

  • Carl Sandburg College Distinguished Service Award – 2017

  • 1997-2010 Associate Dean, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Carl Sandburg College.

  • 2005-2010 Assistant Cross Country Coach, Carl Sandburg College.  

  • 1981-2009, Board Member, Galesburg Road Runners Club, 

  • Past President of Galesburg Road Runners Club.

  • Recipient of the Road Runner’s Club of America National Volunteer Service Award 1992

TCTC Board Activity

  • By-Laws Committee - 2012

  • Appointed to Board as At-large Director, December 2012

  • Appointed  Vice-President – January 2013

  • Elected President in August of 2014 for term beginning in January, 2015. 

  • Finance Committee

  • Bayshore Advisory Committee

  • Fun Run Coordinator October 2012 – present

  • Grand Prix Race Circuit – Coordinator - January, 2014 to present. 

  • Newsletter Co-editor - July, 2012 – 2016

  • Governance Committee 2018

  • Helped in establishing TCTC Racing Team, Grand Prix Series, Bayshore Economic Impact Study, Strategic Planning Initiative, and Winter Awards Banquet. 

  • TCTC George Kuhn Award 2017


Vice-President (1 Position)


Janice Beyer

Hello, my name is Janice Beyer and I am running for Vice President of the Traverse City Track Club. I have been a Board Member for 3 years. Here’s some of the things that I have accomplished during my time on the Board:

  • Member of the Executive Director Search Committee: developed job description for Executive Director, interviewed candidates, made final selection

  • Member of the Executive Director Advisory Committee: serve as oversight for Executive Director

  • TCTC Training Program: volunteered to try the program before it was rolled out to the club

  • Member of the Governance Committee: develop Track Club policies and procedures

  • Selected as TCTC Female Volunteer of the Year 2017

  • Near perfect attendance at Board Meetings

  • Race day volunteer for Cherry Festival Kids 1 Mile Fun Run, Kingsley Heritage Days 5K, Remembrance Run and the Free Press/Chemical Bank Detroit Marathon

I am proud of the growth in membership and expanded programming that has occurred in the Track Club. I welcome the opportunity to continue to help grow and improve our TC Track Club. I hope you will support me for Vice President.


Director-At-Large (3 Positions)


David Ford (I)

My running career dates back to 1st grade when I marked out 100 yards, one-yard-at-a-time, on the sidewalk to train for a city track meet. I did not do very well against the bigger kids, but I had a lot of fun coaching my sisters on how to run the race.

If we fast forward through junior high, high school, college athletics, I wind up an out-of-shape, over weight, 38 year old in need of a better health plan. A new set of shoes gets me out the door under the cover of darkness to chug down the road in search of a healthier me. By June of the following year, I ran my first Track Club Summer Series event.

In the ensuing 18 years, I have run 100’s of races, met loads of great people and had opportunity to race in multiple states. The result of my experience is: Runners want run with friends, meet new people, help others reach their goals and enjoy a quality race experience.


Elitza Nicolau (I)

The running community in Traverse City means a great deal to me personally, and serving on the TCTC Board has given me an opportunity to give back to that community. TCTC’s mission of building a welcoming and strong community is crucial to me.


Michelle Witkop (I)

I joined the Board with specific goals to accomplish, including hiring an Executive Director (ED).  I was honored to be involved in the development of the ED position, participating in the interview process, and hiring Lisa Taylor, which has been a huge step forward for the TCTC. 

While much has been accomplished, there are still unfinished goals. Specifically, after chairing two bylaws revisions through the years, there continues to be opportunities for improvement. As our Club grows, our ED needs guidance and support in her new role. I would like to continue to be that support to her.

I have been involved with the TCTC for decades. As the ultimate running groupie/grassroots organizer, I have volunteered my time and energy in many capacities including: the origination of Women’s Remembrance Run and the Women’s Cancer Fund, a past race director for The Frozen Foot Race, The Women’s Remembrance Run, assistant race director for The Cherry Festival Races, and past Bayshore Committee member on Aid Stations. In the mid 1990’s I initiated a scholarship program that finally took hold several years ago. As Chair of the Grants and Scholarship Committee, TCTC gifts over $30, 000 in academic scholarships yearly and grants hundreds of thousands of dollars to the running community based on our financial ability.

Professionally, I am the Head of Research for the National Hemophilia Foundation and have Board experience at the national level. I would like to continue to bring my experiences, work ethic, and drive to my local community through my work on the TCTC Board.  

I hope you will consider voting for me. Thank you! 


Marc Schollett (Current VP)

I became interested in joining the TCTC board after realizing the impact the track club has far beyond the running community. The Traverse City Track Club is powerhouse when it comes to not only promoting running, but perhaps even more so, philanthropy. The values of the club embrace inclusion. Whatever a runner’s goals are, they are welcomed by the club and can find many members who share their outlook. Running has been a life changing journey for me. Through 25 years of running, I have literally been every kind of runner you can imagine from the last guy to cross the finish line to a Boston qualifier. Having that perspective allows me to see our events and programs from several different perspectives.


Kayla Six

When I moved back to Traverse City two years ago, I executed a simple Google search: “Traverse City running club”. As I navigated to the Traverse City Track Club website and found an upcoming fun run scheduled, I had no idea I was taking my first step into a new passion and a community with which I am now deeply involved.

Two years later, I am not just a runner who found a group to run with. I am part of something much bigger. I am a member of a vibrant community organization, a representative of TCTC on the Race Team, a training mentor, and a volunteer. TCTC has given me many incredible opportunities, sparked a personal passion for running, inspired and supported endeavors I thought were insurmountable, and fostered several of my dearest friendships.

I am a proud member of the Track Club and would love to give back to the organization and community that has been such a positive part of my life.

If elected to the Board of Directors, I plan to utilize my experience to serve and advance the mission of the Track Club. My career in strategic sourcing has taught me to think critically, communicate clearly and build relationships based on trust in order to achieve goals. In addition to my professional experience, I have had the opportunity to serve a two-year term as a non-voting board observer on the Crystal Mountain Resort Board of Directors which has provided me invaluable experience and an introduction to the role and responsibility of a board member.

As a Traverse City resident, runner, mother and Track Club member, I would like to offer my time, perspective and skillset to support the Club’s mission as a Director-at-Large. Thank you for your consideration and many happy miles.


Bill Scott

I have been an avid runner since the mid 70's and a Traverse City Track Club member since 1995. While I have not been active the last few years, now is the time to change that. I have coached elementary and middle school cross country and track in TCAPS. I look forward to having the opportunity to be a part of this team.


Kelly Slater

I would like to be considered as a nominee for an At-Large Board Member of the Traverse City Track Club. When I joined this organization, I experienced first hand the positive role it plays in promoting the local running culture. As a life-long runner, I feel that my experience and passion for running will allow me to make a lasting contribution to the mission of this organization.

I bring to the Club tremendous enthusiasm for the fitness and health aspects of running. I consistently participate in weekly Fun Runs, Summer Series, and I represent the Track Club Racing Team at races throughout the year. I will bring to the Board my passion for what the Track Club represents and my desire to promote this amazing organization, not only to fellow runners but the entire community. Being an advocate for this organization requires understanding the needs of the community we represent, and being an extremely active participant will let do this while fostering the fellowship of runners of all ages and abilities.

I would serve the Board by leveraging my experience in several nonprofit organizations, including my current position as Secretary of the Friends of the Suttons Bay-Bingham District Library board, and with fundraising and grant writing.

I hope you will consider my nomination so I may support the Traverse City Track Club as it grows and continues its outreach to the community and continue to service the runners, walkers, and families of our community.


Richard Nicholas

Since I started running in 2013. I ran my first 5k 2 months after I started running. Ran my first half, and full marathon races the following year. My biggest accomplishment was qualifying for Boston at Bayshore marathon in 2015. Also, having the opportunity to run races around the world in an attempt to complete the 6 world major marathon races.

I’ve been involved in TC Training mentor program as a mentor for those training for their next marathon race. I also help at the weekly fun runs by offering assistance with marking the 3, and 5 mile courses.

Elected and served as President of Student Government in college. Elected and served as Vice President after my term limit as President was reached.

Elected and served as Chapter Chairman for Ducks Unlimited.

I bring 22 years of accounting and finance experience to the board. My career as a Controller will provide me the opportunity to assist the board in making challenging accounting , and financial decisions.