Vicki Amato


Age & Hometown:  54; Hudson, MI

Current resident:  Suttons Bay, MI

Years running:  on and off throughout my life, but consistently the past 4 years.

Why do you run?  I run for my health, to spend time with my TCTC friends, to get outside, and it just makes me feel really great after! Plus, I can eat & drink what I want!

Running accomplishments: I made my PR goal, which was to get in the 24’s,this past year at the Blue Ribbon 5k. I ran that race in 24:25! It’s only happened once, but now I know it’s in me!

Favorite races:  Blue Ribbon Run. 9/11 Remembrance Run, Race to the Tomb, Cherry Fest 5k

Favorite race distance:  5k

Favorite pre-race meal:  Cliff Bar, 1/2 banana, coffee

Goals for 2019:  To run more frequently, increase my distance.

Favorite running quote:  “The voice inside your head that says ‘you can’t do it’,  is a liar”!

Best running advice given to me:  Don’t ever stop.

Dumbest running moment: Eating a fairly big lunch before an evening race. Ugh!

What other interests do you have outside of running? Being out on or near the water, scuba diving, traveling, cooking & baking.

How do you feel about representing the TCTC by being a TCTC Race Team Member?  I am delighted to represent such a wonderful club! This club has become like extended family to me and I’m honored to be a part of the Racing Team. I will always do what I can to be a good ambassador, an encouragement to others, and I will continue to invite and welcome others to the club. I will wear my racing jersey with pride and always do my best in races and events to make our club proud.