Trevor Darnell


Age & Hometown:  45, Brighton, MI

Current resident: Rapid City, MI

Years running: Since I could walk!

Why do you run?  I love everything about running: how I feel when running, competing, the serenity, the health effects and the deeper connection to Mother Nature when I’m running.

Running accomplishments: 2nd in MAC conference in Steeple Chase, 4:10 mile, 15:20 5k, 1:15 Half Marathon, 2:46 Marathon (Chicago 2006),

Favorite races: Any with obstacles and the ones I’m well trained for

Favorite race distance: 5k obstacle & Olympic Triathlon

Favorite pre-race meal: Bananas and Avocados

Goals for 2019: Boston Marathon 2:45, Bayshore Half Marathon 1:18, Traverse City Triathlon Olympic Distance 2:10, Traverse City Half Ironman 4:40

Favorite running quote: “There is something magical about running; after a certain distance, it transcends the body. Then a bit further, it transcends the mind. A bit further yet, and what you have before you, laid bare, is the soul.”  Kristin Armstrong

Best running advice given to me: Good racing prep is about balance:  speed, distance, weights and stretching.  Also, “Running is 90% mental and 10% physical.  Sharpen the 90% and the other 10% is easy.”

How do you feel about representing the TCTC by being a TCTC Race Team Member? It’s an honor to be a team member of the TCTC and represent a fantastic group of people who promote the great sport of running in our community.