Michelle White


Age and Hometown:  39, Grand Rapids

Current Resident of:  Traverse City

Family:  Abbie-18, Lilly-15, Dominic- 6

Years Running:  since 2007 so this is the 11th yr!

Why do you run: I run for athleticism, clears my mind, stress release, keeps my joints young, set an example for my kids, to see my runily (social), making goals and accomplishing them.

Running Accomplishments:  first 5k in 2010 with a a pace of 24:57, 2017 5k was 21:32, 10k pr of 46:47, 1/2 marathon in 1:46:12, 25k in 2:06:32, first in women for the 2017 summer series (10 races)

Favorite Race(s):  run Woodstock trail run weekend, Bayshore 10k

Favorite Running Race Distance:  10k

Favorite Pre-race meal: smoothie

Any Goals for 2018: run a marathon

Favorite Running Quote: “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” - Dean Karnazes

Best running advice given to me:  Do what works for you. Don't do what works for others.

Dumbest running moment: Tripping and falling during a Wednesday night fun run.

What other interests do you have outside of running? Baking, camping, reading, cooking

How do you feel about and how do you plan to represent the Traverse City Track Club as a Race Team member? Enthusiasm, encouragement, positive attitude, pride in our club