Megan Graverson


Age & Hometown: 31, Flint, MI

Current resident: Traverse City, MI

Employment: Histology Lab, Munson Medical Center

Family: 8-year-old son (Jack), mom (Betty),  and sister (Mary)

Years running: 5

Why do you run? I run to be healthier and to be a good example for my son. I also run to have my “me” time and to help clear my head.

Running accomplishments:

   • First place in age for Wood Memorial Trout Festival 5k in 2018

   • Second overall female runner at Kick-Yer-Assparagus 5k in 2018

   • 1st place in age group for Vineyard to Bay 5k in 2017

   • 1st in age group for the Lucy Town half marathon in Jamestown, NY in 2016

   • Completed my second out of state half marathon at the Daytona Beach half marathon in 2018

   • 1st place for women at the summer series in 2015

   • 3rd in age group for the  Big Little Hero 10k in 2018

   • 3rd in age group for the Cherry Festival 10k in 2016

Favorite running shoes: Brooks Ghost

Favorite races: Crim 10 mile race, Vineyard to Bay 5k (looking forward to the new 15k this year), Grand Rapids 10 mile Bridge Run, Zombie Run, TC Turkey Trot, Big Little Hero 10k, Cherry Festival 10k, Daytona Beach Half Marathon, Bayshore Half Marathon, Kingsley 5k, Bruckelaufe Half Marathon in Frankenmuth, 5/3 River Bank 25k, Great Turtle Half Marathon, Fishtown 5k, and Farmland 5k

Favorite race distance: 5k or half marathon

Running hero: All the TCTC runners! We have lots of inspiring people in our club.

Favorite pre-race meal: Cheddar Ale Soup in a bread bowl and a honey stinger before the race

Goals for 2018: To work at maintaining my speed, to run at least 100 half marathons in my lifetime and I have done 12 so far, PR this year (goal met with a PR at the 5/3 River Bank 25k), and to continue making running friends (the best friends to have).

Favorite running quote: "Running is not about being better than someone else, it's about being better than you used to be."

Best running advice given to me: I have been told to run slower on training days and this will help run faster on race days.  So far it has been working.

What is one thing your teammates would say about you? Very active in the local races.

How do you feel about representing the TCTC by being a TCTC Race Team Member? It is a wonderful team to be on and I want to encourage other people that enjoy running to join our great club here in Northern Michigan and to participate in our events like the Grand Prix, summer series, and our fun runs.