Megan Graverson


Age & Hometown: 32, Traverse City, MI

Current resident: Traverse City, MI

Years running: 6

Why do you run? I run to be healthier and to be a good example for my son. I also run to have my “me” time and to help clear my head.

Running accomplishments:

   All accomplishments for 2018:
• 3rd in age group for Big Little Hero 10k
• 2nd overall female runner at Kick-Yer-Assparagus 5k
• 1st in age group for Wood Memorial Trout Festival 5k
• 1st in age group for Alden 10k
• 1st in age group for Glen Arbor Solstice 5k
• 2nd in age group for Charlevoix 10k
• 2nd in age group for Zombie Run 5k
• 2nd in age group for Scrumpy Skedaddle 10k
• 2nd in age group for Chocolate 5k in Grand Blanc
• 1st in age group for Dune Dash
• 2nd in age group for Vasa 10k
• 3rd in age group for Kingsley 5k
• 2nd overall female at Orchards at Sunset 5k
• Currently have 13 half marathons out my goal of 100 during my lifetime.

Favorite races: Crim race, Bayshore Marathon, Turkey Trot, Zombie Run, Kingsley 5k, Farmland 5k, Charlevoix Marathon, and Scrumpy Skedaddle.

Favorite race distance: 5k or half marathon

Running hero: All the TCTC runners! We have lots of inspiring people in our club.

Favorite pre-race meal: Cheddar Ale Soup in a bread bowl (for longer runs) and honey stinger waffles (short races)

Goals for 2019: To PR at one of the half marathons I plan on doing this year. Another goal is to run my first trail half marathon. I haven’t done one yet in my years of running.

Favorite running quote: “Running is not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be.”

Best running advice given to me: Don’t run fast every day because you will burn out faster and greater risk of injury.

Dumbest running moment? At the 2018 Crim race I decided to try Gu energy gummies instead of using what I normally do, which is Gu Gel. The gummie beans were a big mistake. Once I ate them (very sticky), I got a terrible stomach ache and thought I was going to have to walk the rest of the race. Never try anything new on race day.

What other interests do you have outside of running? Playing with my son, biking, walking, skating, and collecting antiques.

How do you feel about representing the TCTC by being a TCTC Race Team Member? It’s a wonderful, positive team to be on with a group of people that all share the same passion of running.