Mark VanderKlipp


Age and Hometown: 54, Grand Rapids

Current Resident of: Traverse City

Years Running: 39

Why do you run: For community, friendship, fitness and the daily challenge of discipline and self-improvement. There's no better feeling than being in shape!

Running Accomplishments: For two decades I've been able to outrun all the guys that used to beat me in high school cross country races. 2015 I set PRs in every distance, and the culmination of that racing cycle was the 2016 Boston Marathon.

Favorite Race(s): Bayshore Marathon/Half, Charlevoix Half, Leapin’ Leprechaun, Farmland 5K, Harbor Days 10K, Cherry Fest 15K, Zombie Run 5K

Favorite Running Race Distance: Half Marathon

Favorite Pre-race meal: Thai Chicken Pizza from Maddy’s in Interlochen

Any Goals for 2019: Run as many races as possible representing the TCTC Racing Team; volunteer at more races, even if that means walking back up the course after I finish to high five all of the other runners! Run up to 5 half marathons and the Detroit Marathon in October.

Favorite Running Quote: “Pain, sweat and exhaustion are temporary; finishing Boston is forever”

Best running advice given to me: Work with a coach - there’s only so much you can do on your own.

Dumbest running moment: Sometimes I think my dumbest running moment starts every morning I step outside in pitch darkness and snow ... but when I finish, I'm always grateful for the run!

What other interests do you have outside of running? I started two new companies, in 2016 and 2017. Those pretty much occupy all of my time outside of running!

How do you feel about and how do you plan to represent the Traverse City Track Club as a Race Team member? This is my 5th year on the team and I’m still honored to be part of this group. Such great runners at all levels, and such good people! Glad to be back for 2019!