Kelly Slater


Age & Hometown: 54 years old. I was born In Syracuse, NY, but have moved dozens of times and have lived in 9 states.

Current resident: Suttons Bay

Years running: 45+ years, since I was on the 4th grade track team in elementary school.

Why do you run? Running has always been a part of my life. I have boundless energy and running helps me stay focused, happy, strong and confident, and somehow completely exhausting myself while running is very relaxing! I have spent my lifetime moving around the country and everywhere I go, I have found a welcoming connection with the local running community. But I will add, none as amazing as the TCTC!

Running accomplishments: I have run everything from a 2-miler, 5K, 10K, half marathon, M22 challenge and snowshoe races in the four years I have lived in this area. I have won some age group and masters awards and my PR's since joining the 50 and older crowd are 23:14 5K, 49:56 10K, and 1:55:00 1/2 marathon.

Favorite races: Any race where I see the smiling faces of the people who love running as much as me, especially from the Traverse City Track Club!

Favorite race distance: Definitely the 5K, short and sweet!

Favorite pre-race meal: Half a banana and half of a peanut butter Power Bar

Goals for 2019: I have had several nagging injuries over the last 1.5 years, so I plan to stay healthy by adding more cross-training, including biking, weights and yoga. I would like to try some new races, as well.

Favorite running quote: “A good laugh and a long run will cure for anything.”

Best running advice given to me: Run for yourself and you will never outrun the joy of running.

Dumbest running moment? Bringing two right shoes to a run and occasionally wearing my clothes inside-out (the devil is in the details!)

What other interests do you have outside of running? Travel, reading, gardening, hanging with my family

How do you feel about representing the TCTC by being a TCTC Race Team Member? I am humbled to represent the TCTC Race Team and strive to be a positive representative of the club. I hope to encourage other people (old and young) to embrace the sport of running and look forward to running with the amazing TCTC community.