Jesse Hernden


Age and Hometown: 29, Traverse City, MI

Current Resident of: Traverse City, MI

Family: Jeff Houser (fiancé), Wes and Connie Hernden (Parents), Carly Hernden (19, Sister)

Years Running: Basically my whole life, 5 competitively

Why do you run: I run to challenge my mind, connect with my body, be with the environment… and to support my eating habits.

Running Accomplishments:

  • My first marathon: Chicago Marathon, 2017
  • Traverse City Track Club Women's 20-29 Age Group Winner, 2017
  • Traverse City Track Club Racing Team member, 2016-Present

Favorite Race(s): Resolution Run, Betsy Bay Frozen 5k, Harvest Stompede, TC Zombie Run 5k, Run VASA, TC Trail Festival, Cleveland Half-Marathon, F^3 Lake-Half-Marathon

Favorite Running Race Distance: 10k and Half-Marathon

Favorite Pre-race meal: Mini-wheats, soy milk, and green tea

Any Goals for 2018: Stay strong, continue to improve, and continue to help the TCTC grow

Favorite Running Quote:

  • “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”
  • “Good thing I didn't accomplish all my goals yet because then what would I do tomorrow?” -Alexi Pappas

Best running advice given to me: “Just have fun” and, “even if you don’t have to go, get in the porta-potty line.”

Dumbest running moment: Too many to list

What other interests do you have outside of running? I love to cook, knit, walk, hike, eat, kayak…

How do you feel about and how do you plan to represent the Traverse City Track Club as a Race Team member? Becoming a member of the TCTC Racing Team has introduced me to some amazing people and motivated me to push myself harder than ever before. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm and energy with everyone and encouraging other runners to get out there and have fun, no matter their abilities.