Jennifer Smith


Age and Hometown: 32, Lansing Michigan

Current Resident of: Mesick Michigan

Family: Husband Patrick, Coy (4), Pippa (2)

Years Running: 2 Years

Why do you run: It started with a way to lose weight, but fell in love with how it helped to ease my anxiety, fight off depression, and the overall joy I feel after. Also I really like pizza and ice cream! :)

Running Accomplishments: 5 Half Marathons last year, which was my first year racing and first attempt at a half.

  • Half PR at Marquette (1:44:42)
  • 1st 30-39 Mesick Mushroom 5K
  • 1st 30-34 Charlevoix 10K
  • 2nd 30-34 North Mitten Half
  • Top Ten placings for all my 2017 races

Favorite Race(s): Marquette Half, Great Turtle Mackinac Island Half

Favorite Running Race Distance: Half Marathon

Favorite Pre-race meal: Pizza

Any Goals for 2018: PR at Half Distance, run a 25K, and meet new people to run with.

Favorite Running Quote: "Just Run" and "I run because I really like food!"

Best running advice given to me: Don't quit.

Dumbest running moment: During my first half I fumbled to get my Gu and dropped it. I had to turn around to get it.

What other interests do you have outside of running? I used to show horses and still have a passion for them. I also love to fish, spend time with my family, crochet, and anything adventurous.

How do you feel about and how do you plan to represent the Traverse City Track Club as a Race Team member? I love the idea of being part of something bigger, belonging and working together with a team. I hope to spread encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to both runners and non-runners.