Eric McLean


Age and Hometown: 44 - Marion, MI

Current Resident of: Traverse City

Years Running: I’ve been running off and on for 24 years. I began running much more regularly the last 3.

Why do you run: I run because it is simple, healthy, and it gets me outside. With all of the local races, it is also a competitive outlet.

Running Accomplishments:

Completed the Detroit Marathon in 1997.
2018 - Masters Champion Shanty to Shorts 5k.
2018 - First Place in age group Marion Days 5k.
2018 - Third Place in age group Farmland 5k.
2018 - Fourth Place in age group Cherry Festival 15K, but took 10 minutes off of my previous time.
2018 - First Place in age group at Beulah Firecracker 5k. Also won the Fastest Family trophy.
2018 - Completed the Top-O-Michigan, Glen Arbor Solstice, and Marquette Half Marathons, finishing first, third and fourth in age group respectively.

Favorite Race(s): Beulah Firecracker 5K, Cherry Festival 15K, and the Marquette Half Marathon.

Favorite Running Race Distance: 5K and 15K

Favorite Pre-race meal: Oatmeal, frozen cherries, and strong coffee.

Goals for 2019: My goals for 2019 include breaking 40 in the 10K, running a non-hill aided sub 19 minute 5K, and running the Cherry Mile in under 5:20. I would also like to run the Marquette Half Marathon and break 1:30.

Favorite Running Quote: “If I pass out, please pause my Garmin.”

Best running advice given to me: Find yourself some running buddies. They will keep you running even when you don’t want to.

Dumbest running moment: In my first and only marathon, I tried Gu for the first time ever at mile 19. This resulted in cramps and I had to walk for 5+ miles. Thankfully I was able to gather myself to run the last mile.

What other interests do you have outside of running? Most of my interests outside of running involve whatever my three girls are interested in doing.

How do you feel about and how do you plan to represent the Traverse City Track Club as a Race Team member?I am excited to represent the Traverse City Track Club Racing Team! Being part of a team always pushes one to achieve more. I plan to represent the Traverse City Track Club by competing in several local races with my Track Club gear. Representing the Traverse City Track Club is a great way to raise awareness about the club and opportunities it provides in our community.