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2017 Nominating Committee Slate

 2018-2019 Board Positions

TCTC is preparing for the August Board Elections. The positions that will be up for election are Secretary, Treasurer and six At-Large Board of Directors.

The Nominating Committee and the TCTC Board approve a list of Slated Candidates. There is still time to become a candidate as a "non-slated" nominee.   A "non-slated nominee" is someone who was not listed on the slate of nominees established by the Nominating Committee and the TCTC Board. The Deadline for this year's "non-slate nominations" is July 5th.  This is when all nominations must be submitted to TCTC.  Non-slate nominees require two (2) additional members in good standing to support the nomination in writing, along with a brief statement from the nominee (250 words or less) of how they meet the eligibility criteria of the office. Non-slated nominees should submit their names along with those supporting the nominees to our website here.

The election will be held online Thursday, August 10th staring at 12:01 .am. and close on Sunday, August 13th at Midnight.  All TCTC members will have the opportunity to vote. More information in the August Newsletter. 

The current slate of TCTC Board Candidates.  All terms are for two years.

Jeff Houser -  Secretary (bio)

Mike Borden – Treasurer

At-Large Board of Director (Vote for six)

Kristen Verrett (bio)
Janice Beyer (bio)
Ross Deye (bio)
Christo Miner (bio)
Eric Houghton
Thomas King (bio)
Bill Scott (bio)
Chris Stark (bio)

Candidate Bios

Ross Deye

As a runner, Ross has logged over 65,000 miles since he became a member of his high school cross country and track team in 1969. He has personal best times of 1:11 for the half marathon and 2:37 for the full. However, the highlight of his running career was the 1981 Boston Marathon with a time of 2:38. Recently, he completed the Bayshore Half, but Ross' races are now geared more towards the shorter distances as a means of supporting local races and their causes. He finished twelfth in last year's TC Track Club Grand Prix Series.

As a coach, Ross is an Ohio Cross Country Hall of Fame inductee with over thirty years of track and cross country coaching experience. He guided three boys teams and one girls team to state titles in Ohio, in addition to numerous conference, district and regional titles over the years. He established the Sylvania Strider Running Club in his hometown of Sylvania, Ohio, in the mid-80's which continues to serve all three middle schools and both high schools in the community. Ross also served as the head cross country & assistant track coach at TC West High School for six years. He is currently a volunteer coach for the TC Track Club, setting up training for club members wishing to race from a 5k to full marathon.

As a race director, Ross co-directed this year's Frozen Foot Race and established and directs the Vineyard to Bay 25k event, selected as the TC Track Club's "Favorite Small Race" for 2016. This year will be the 4th annual event.

As a board member, Ross was instrumental in establishing a training program for the club, has spearheaded the Bayshore Expo initiative and has a 100% attendance record at board meetings. His goal as a board member is to continue to play an active part in developing a closer relationship between the club and the community as well as initiating more runner-friendly activities geared towards families within the community and the surrounding area.

Ross has both a Business Management Degree from Ohio University and a Masters in Educational Administration from the University of Toledo. He and his wife Nance are retired school teachers from Sylvania, Ohio who currently reside in Cedar.


Kristen Verrett

My name is Kristen Verrett, age 42, originally from Sault Ste. Marie. I've been in Traverse City since 2001. I have been loving the sport of running for almost 8 years when my sister guilted me into it. At first I could barely walk a mile without thinking I was going to die, but I continued forward and my walking eventually became running, soon I was in love.

I googled 'running in Traverse City' and that's how I joined the TCTC family. Of course at first it was a bit scary showing up to the Summer Series races not knowing anyone but it didn't take long at all to become close to so many of the other runners. I appreciated people like Frank Butz and Jim Graham for making me feel welcome. Once I was comfortable I also tried to make the new runners feel welcome, too. 
It wasn't long after I started running that racing became huge for me. And to this day it still is. It's when I really get to push myself, and it gives me a great excuse to pig out all day! Some races are good and some not so good. Racing most weekends also helped get to know so many people in our running community, it's also what brought me my family, Kyle, Kylanna and Keegan. 

Being a part of the Traverse City Track Club has brought me more confidence than I've ever had. It has helped me become the runner I am today and also the runners my kids have become. 
I would love to continue to help and encourage other runners in our community and build the Traverse City Track Club.


Jeff Houser

Years running: 16

Hometown: Cleveland Heights, OH

Current residence: Traverse City, MI

Employment: Account Manager at Knorr Marketing

I would be honored to continue serving on the TC Track Club board as I love what this organization stands for, and does for the local running/walking community. Running has given me so many things in life including therapy, confidence, happiness, and friendships. By continuing to serve on the Board, I will be able to share all the benefits and gifts that running has provided me, with the Grand Traverse running and walking communities.

What value can I bring to TCTC Board?

  • I’m the current Secretary of the TC Track Club board and have held this position since 2016.
  • I serve on the Publicity Committee for the TC Track Club. While serving on this committee I have helped to increase awareness and attendance of TC Track Club events via social media and print marketing, lead development of the TC Track Club mobile app, distributed press releases to media outlets and am currently working on a social media video to promote the club’s charitable contributions to the local running and walking communities.
  • 11 plus years of result-driven project management experience which includes managing marketing budgets, supervising production time lines, writing recap status reports for client meetings, presenting creative marketing materials to corporate clients and being the "details guy" for any project to my clients and co-workers. 
  • Represent TC Track Club and it's values as I'm part of the Race Team.
  • Strong marketing background with experience producing TV, print, digital/mobile ads, outdoor billboards and all social media including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc
  • Proven ability to take leadership in group settings, but also have "do whatever it takes to get the job done" attitude to help out team members. 

I ask for your support and re-election to the board so that I can continue helping to share the gift of running. 


Bill Scott

My name is Bill Scott. I have been an active runner for over 45 years. I started and directed the Novi Trackers Running Club while working for the City of Novi Parks and Recreation Department. I have been a race director and volunteer. I have coached elementary and middle school track and cross country. I retired from the Traverse City Area Public Schools' technology department. I would like become active in the Traverse City Track Club again and give back to the running community.

Janice Beyer

My name is Janice Beyer and I am running for re-election to the Traverse City Track Club’s Board of Directors (Director at Large). In my professional life, I am a portfolio manager in the trust department at Chemical Bank. I have enthusiastically served on the TCTC Board for the past two years with a solid attendance at board meetings. I was part of the Executive Director search committee; reading resumes and conducting interviews to help select the club’s first ever Executive Director, Lisa Taylor. After learning that the Kalamazoo Area Runners had increased their club membership to over 1,500 as a direct result of adding training programs, I strongly supported the efforts of the Track Club to begin a training program of their own. With the rollout of the TCTC Winter Training Program, I was the first to sign up and did a story with the Record-Eagle to help spread the word. In addition, I attended the Road Runners Club of America conference in Detroit this past March and learned so much. I was excited to bring back ideas to add value to the club like, “How to Build Membership in Your Club,” “Club Financials” and “Partnering with Local Businesses.” I have really enjoyed getting to know Track Club members through the Fun Runs, local races and the Summer Series. I would love to continue my work on behalf of the club. I am committed to my goals of continuing to support the mission of the Traverse City Track Club, being responsive to the membership and building relationships with other running clubs around the state and country to learn best practices. I would appreciate your support!


Currently I serve/have served on the following committees:

  • Bayshore Advisory
  • Executive Director Study Committee
  • Executive Director Search Committee
  • Executive Director Advisory Committee
  • Compensation Committee

Chris Stark

My name is Chris Stark and I am interested in one of the open board positions with the Traverse City Track Club. In the past I was an active athlete in high school, but running was never a favorite activity of mine. After high school, I earned a degree in Recreation, Parks and Leisure Administration from Central Michigan University and am currently employed by the DNR as the Supervisor of Interlochen State Park. My running career began in 2012 after being pressured into running my first 5k the year before. My involvement in running has continued to grow since, and specifically with the Track Club. Currently I am a member of the Racing Team, active in the Grand Prix Series and Summer Series, and a very active runner in the community along with my family. One of my proudest accomplishments is having introduced my children to running at a young age, and getting to spend time with them each weekend at races.

My wife and I have codirected the Kingsley Heritage Days 5k and Fun Run the past four years, where our goal is to get people active in our community and to provide a race experience featuring the things that runners love the most. Promoting running has become a passion of mine, and I would like to continue this through a position on the board. Through my education and work experience, I bring a lot of knowledge of administration and working with boards and commissions. Throughout my job, I participate on many committees within the DNR and in our local community. I also served on the CMU Student Recreation Association board as president while in college, and am currently a member of the CMU Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services Advisory Board. I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that running, and specifically the Track Club, has changed me and my family’s lives. I look forward to the challenges that serving the members of the Track Club will bring in the future. Thank you for your consideration.

Tom King

My name is Tom King and I've been an official member of the TCTC for roughly 4 years but grew up in the Traverse City community my entire life. I've been running for close to 20 years after participating in my first cross country race on the TC West Junior High campus as a 6th grader. Although very similar, that was the day I switched my focus from the sport of soccer to running sports. Since then I've participated in many TCTC events (including the Summer Series and race events) and volunteered at several area events (including organized race and grade school events). I was also the creator of the Cadillac Running Crew, a Facebook based group that provides a forum for discussion, local trail updates, advice, finding running partners, and anything else running related.
In addition to my running background, my career exposes me to functions similar to the TCTC including a not-for-profit, member based organizations that includes exposure to the board of directors mode of operation.

In 2017, I attended a couple TCTC Board of Directors meetings to get an idea about the mode of operation and topics that are discussed. From what I saw, I decided that I would like to be a TCTC Director.

Christo Miner

Christo Miner is serving his 2nd term on Traverse City Track Club's Board of Directors and is seeking re-election for the upcoming session. 

Christo has been racing on the local scene for the past 6 years and is an avid marathoner and trail runner.  As a member of the Racing Team from 2014-2016, he represented TCTC as far away as Des Moines, IA (Hy-Vee Road Races Half Marathon, Apr.'15) and Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia Marathon, Nov.'16) and helped achieve 1st Place Finishes for Team Competition in the CherryFest Half Marathon (2015 & 2016).
Christo exhibits near-perfect attendance at TCTC board meetings and votes to improve transparency in our organizational structure.

Christo currently serves on the Publicity Committee, aiding in marketing and outreach endeavors, such as the roll-out of the TCTC App.; in the past, has served on the Nominating Committee, as well as on the annual Awards Banquet Planning Committee.

Christo led the initiative to install a new water fountain/bottle filler along the TART Trail at Darrow Park emblazoned with the TCTC logo.

Recently, Christo has established a 6-month Trail Running Series for TCTC.

"I enjoy the personal challenges (and benefits!) that running provides and aim to share those with our running/walking communities, whether it be by pacing a friend in a race, coaching little runners, showing someone a new trail, or by serving on TCTC's Board."

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